You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot—and Sooner Than You Think

This article presents a view of a world after AI and mass automations makes almost the whole human population extinct. Simple service and industrial jobs like drivers and clerks are being automated out, and so are many industrial technicians’ jobs.

Already more complex clerical jobs like legal technicians and certain medical roles have been proven to be replaceable by computers, and as discussed earlier even people in creative professions like music and now art may face stiff competition from machines.

This will result in the trend of wealth consolidation at the top accelerating as only those who own the means of production are able to acquire wealth. But this may not be a bad thing if these elites are generous. Already programs like universal basic income and social credit have been discussed by captains of industry, think tanks and governments as a way of sharing the wealth.

With the seemingly impending death of wage labour, the gig economy will grow to dominate. Already, millions are earning at least some part of their livelihood from Uber and similar informal, contract based services. New services based around this model like tutoring services have appeared as well. Will this grow to dominate the rest of the market? Who will benefit? At what cost to those who don’t?

The result of a world without jobs, aimlessness, poverty and despair, or a new age of freedom, prosperity, and creativity. Discuss!