On AI in the industry sector and threats of a superintelligence explosion.

New post submitted by Jeevika, A-level student from Wolverhampton, aspiring to study law next year.

Written by Jeevi Bali

AI is the inevitable future for humanity, but what is most concerning is its rapid speed of development for future generations. I believe that weak AI such as Amazon Alexa, autopilot features in cars and Siri are beneficial to society for making tedious operations easier. However, we must think aboutthe devastating implications on the job market if AI machinery were to replace the entire secondary industry sector: unemployment would catalyse the cycle of deprivation on the local economy and place enhanced pressure on the government. Elon Musk, the CEO of Telsa stated: ‘AI is far more dangerous than nukes. So why do we have no regulatory oversight?’ Here, Musk illustrates the threat to democracy if a governmental institution is not assessing or restricting the development of AI technology by implementing laws. For example, it is unclear as to whether there would be legal implications if AI was used to listen to UK Nationals’ phone calls without a warrant- If not, AI could place individuals’ civil liberties at risk. One must also consider the severe risk of a super explosion of AI technology and its potential ability to overtake the intelligence of humankind - if this happens, AI could dominate over humans due to its ability to build and expand on their already existing knowledge. This eventual threat is highly concerning for the safety of society and therefore the development of AI should be limited, but the debate lies in at what point It should be inhibited.