"I or AI?" is the first international platform for young people to discuss the topic of the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and related ethical, economic, political and scientific issues; and then propose solutions by writing an open letter to the UN Ethics and Human Rights Committees


One of the main questions that should be discussed nowadays is one that will shape the world in which future generations will live in.


AI is developing exponentially, posing a threat of the emergence of strong AI. Now, AI has started invading our privacy and may be violating human rights by using our personal data (e.g. face-recognition CCTV or personalised advertisements). This could later lead to control over humanity being to the hands a small, yet powerful group of people if concrete laws are not established now.


We are forward-thinking university, college and school students, who believe that the opinions of young people are of major importance.


Join our debate and together let's find solutions.


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Andrew Grove

Privacy is the biggest problem in this new electronic age.


Mark Zukerberg

"Whenever I hear people saying AI is going to hurt people in the future I think, yeah, technology can generally always be used for good and bad and you need to be careful about how you build it..."


Elon Musk 

“The pace of progress in artificial intelligencenis incredibly fast. Unless you have direct exposure to groups like Deepmind, you have no idea how fast—it is growing at a pace close to exponential. The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five-year timeframe. 10 years at most."

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